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Monthly Bulletin


We would like to wish you all a happy new year and welcome everyone back to school for term 2.

Thank you for your generosity during our Christmas shows. All money raised continues to help subsidise shortfalls in our current budget.


BBC Choir of the Year

Our choir has reached the final six in the Armagh heat of BBC School Choir of the Year. Consent forms have been issued and must be returned before Friday 11th January. The recording will take place on Monday 28th January in Lurgan Junior High School. Transport to and from the venue has been arranged. Choir members will need to be at school for 9am on that morning and will return for lunch at 12.25. We will take the consent form as your permission slip allowing your child to attend.


Service of Light

In preparation for Confirmation on Monday 8th April, our P7s will have a Service of Light on Thursday 31st January at 7pm in St Patrick’s Church, Aghagallon. All pupils are invited to attend along with parents, family members and sponsors.


CPR and Defibrillator Training

Congratulations to all our staff who were successfully trained in CPR and defibrillation on January 3rd. These are very important skills and it would be our hope to pass some of the skills we learned on to our pupils in the future.



The Department of Education provide a notification form which must be completed by parents/carers when a child returns to school following any period absence. The form is available from the office and will be sent home with a child following an absence. It should be returned within 5 days.


Admissions to P1

Application forms for next year’s primary 1s must be submitted by 31st January. If you would like access to a computer to complete the online application, please contact the school and we will arrange to facilitate you at a mutually convenient time.


Dates for Term 2

28th January 9.30am BBC Choir of the Year: Choir

31st January 7pm Service of Light: P7 pupils and Choir


12th February 1pm Commitment Service: Parents and pupils P3 and P4

18th Feb to 22nd Feb Mid Term Break


5th March 2pm: First Penance P3 Pupils


8th April 4pm: Confirmation P7 pupils and Choir

17th April: Term 2 ends. School finishes at 11.30am

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