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St Mary'sPrimary School

Celebrating Success

In our school we all matter. 

In our school we all belong. 

In our school we all strive to be the best we can be. 

How we celebrate the successes and achievements of our pupils: 
• In class sticker charts/praise and reward 
• Weekly assemblies: Individual pupil awards 
• Weekly assemblies: Class Trophies FS KS1 KS2 
• Announcements in monthly bulletins 
• Principal’s Monthly Awards 
• Termly Attendance Awards 
• Annual full attendance Awards 
• Announcements at weekly assemblies 
• Local Press 
• Pupils tour the school: medals/certificates/trophies 
Some of the things we celebrate: 
• Good behaviour 
• Good manners 
• Acts of kindness 
• Helpfulness and thoughtfulness 
• Attendance at school 
• Academic achievements 
• Non academic achievement 
• Improvements in work 
• High standards of work 
• Teamwork 
• Achievements outside school 
• Problem Solving challenges 


Full Attendance Awards