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Friday 24th September 2021 10am School Mass

Monday 11th October 2021 - Staff Development Day

Mid term break Monday 25th October 2021 - Friday 29th October 2021

Monday 1st November - Staff Development Day


Bee Active Afterschool from Tuesday 14th September 2021 - Tuesday 23rd November 2021




School will be closed for pupils on Staff Development Days

School Holidays 2021-2022

From 1st September 2017 school dinners will increase to £2.60 per day.

Healthy Break  

Children from Primary 1-3 are now provided with a healthy snack during the morning session. Parents provide £2.50 per week to cover the cost and the children all work together to prepare and enjoy their break.  
Parents are encouraged to send a healthy break for their children. In order to promote healthy eating among the children we would discourage fizzy drinks, crisps, sweets, biscuits and other foods high in sugar and/or fat.  
Some of the healthy snacks that children may bring to school are fruit, vegetable sticks, bread, sandwiches, pancakes, cheese, crackers, breadsticks and dried fruit. Children are also allowed to bring a water bottle to school which they can fill with chilled water throughout the day.  
Please note due to allergies that nuts or nut products or sesame seeds should NOT be brought to school.  


Medical Information  

Parents should ensure that all children who require an inhaler in school have it with them at all times.  
Parents - please keep a regular check on expiry dates in inhalers and ensure they remain in date. 
Inhalers should be clearly labelled with the pupil's name.  
We have some children in school who are allergic to nuts and sesame seeds so please do not send food containing any of these.  
Medical Information  
Please keep the school informed of any recently diagnosed allergies or other medical conditions.  


School Uniform  

Most of the school uniform with the exception of the tie, coat and P1/2 sweatshirt is available in most stores. These items can be purchased from the school. 
Children are encouraged to wear our school uniform which is:  
Blue polo shirt 
Grey Skirt/Pinafore 
Grey sweatshirt with crest 
Black shoes 
Grey or white socks 
Blue blouse 
Grey Skirt/Pinafore  
Grey Jumper/Cardigan 
Black and blue striped tie  
Black shoes 
Grey or white socks 
Summer dresses may be worn during the summer term from Easter forward. 
BOYS P1/2 
Blue polo shirt 
Grey sweatshirt with school crest 
Grey trousers 
Black shoes 
BOYS P3-7 
Blue shirt 
Grey jumper and trousers. 
Black and blue striped tie 
Black shoes  
P.E. Kit (A school PE Kit is available from the school) 
All uniform items should be labelled. 
Jewellery should not be worn in school. 

School Hours  


Primary 1, 2 & 3 : 9.15 am - 2 pm  
Primary 4, 5, 6, 7: 9.15 am - 2.55 pm  
After School Activities: 3 pm - 4 pm  
Breaktime : 10.45 am - 11.00 am  
Dinner time (P1-P3) : 12.15pm - 1 pm 
Dinner time (P4-P7) : 12.25pm-1pm 




If a child is off sick for a day, please make a phone call to the school on that morning saying the child will be absent followed by a note signed by a parent/guardian stating the reason for the absence.  
For further information, please refer to our Attendance Policy. 


Arrangements in the event of a school closure due to Adverse Weather Conditions 

A decision to close the school will usually be made by the Principal by 7.30 am on the day in question. For sustained periods of bad weather a decision will be made at the earliest available time the evening before. 
The Principal or designated member of staff will contact the local media, the Chair of the Board of Governors and the Department of Education and CCMS to inform them of the decision to close. 
Parents and Staff will receive a text using the school’s Teachers2Parent communication system. 
The schools website may be used to communicate updates on current situation. It is important to note that you should constantly refresh the website home page to ensure that you have the most up to date information.