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Welcome to St Mary's Primary School's Website 


Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you like it. We aim to use our website to keep parent's, children, family and anyone who is interested, informed about what is happening at St Mary's Primary School, Derrymore. We will be keeping our website up to date with weekly events so keep coming back as there will probably be something new of interest to you! 

This Week at St Mary's


Monday - P.E Coach P1 - P3, Football Training P5-P7 (3-4pm)
Tuesday - PE P4, Drums P6 & P7
Wednesday -Spanish P1 - P7, Swimming P6 & P7 (Term 1 and Term 3), P6 P.E
Thursday - Clarinet and Flute Tutor, P1 & P2 Music through Play, P5 Gaelic Coaching
Friday - School Assembly, P7 P.E



Monday - Football Training P5-P7 (3-4pm)
Tuesday - Play club P1 - P3, 21st February Film Club P1 - P3, Newspaper Club P4 - P7
Thursday - P6 & P7 Futsal Training


Our school is situated on the shores of Lough Neagh. It is famous for eel. Each year the eel journey to the Sargossa Sea and make the return journey up the River Bann. Our School Crest is symbolic:  
The Elvers - reminds us that we are here to guide the young on their quest for knowledge during seven very important years in their life.  
The Acorns - Derrymore means “Big Oak”. We are reminded that “Tall oaks from little acorns grow.”  
The Great Crested Grebe - is an annual migrant. It’s coming serves to remind us of the changing seasons, of eternity and of the eternal values to which we are all committed.  
The Motto “To Seek, To Strive, To Learn” - reminds us that our lives and our actions modelled on those of Christ are sure means of leading others to him. It is a constant reminder of the promise of Christ to his followers “He that shall do and teach shall be called great in the kingdom of Heaven” (Matthew 5:9).