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St Mary's Primary School, Derrymore, Craigavon

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26th Feb 2024
We welcomed everyone back to assembly this week and what a special assembly it was. Our...
29th Feb 2024
After a few quick drills, we were straight into matches played on two pitches set...
29th Feb 2024
Our brilliant new Leavers’ Hoodies arrived yesterday and they really look first...
26th Feb 2024
Anto has us in training for ‘Challenge Week’, which happens this Friday.  Friday’s...
Christmas Card
Christmas Card
Christmas Card
Christmas Card
Christmas Card
Christmas Card
Reindeer Training Video 9
Reindeer Training Video 8
Reindeer Training Video 7
Reindeer Training Video 6
Reindeer Training Video 5
Reindeer Training Video 4
Reindeer Training Video 3
Reindeer Training Video 2
Reindeer Training Video 1
Bee Active 4 16/11/23
Bee Active 3 16/11/23
Bee Active 2 16/11/23
Bee Active 1 16/11/23
P3 sing off!
Cash for kids
Halloween 2023
Halloween parade 2023
IMG 2154
P7 Leavers Slideshow
First Communion
Swimming Gala 2023
The Lord s my Shepherd
Marian Prayer Service
Lots Of Socks Day Winners!
Primary 4 Term 2
The Primary 6 Apprentice
Primary 6 Apprentice
Tornado in a jar
It's Christmas!
Welcome Baby Jesus
Christmas with the Aliens
Moving Christmas cards
Taxi for Derrymore!
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Maths Week in P6

Mission Statement and Vision

Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.


Vision Statement

To seek, strive, learn

Our vision is that all members of the school community are inspired and motivated to achieve their full potential.

Today’s pupils, tomorrow’s citizens.

In our school we all matter.

In our school we all belong.

In our school we all try to be the best we can be.


Mission Statement

Here at St Mary’s we work together to live like Jesus;

Our vision is to enrich the life of everyone that passes through our school;

Praising and celebrate effort and success;

Ensuring fairness where every child matters and fulfills their potential to become the best they can be;

Inviting our school, parish and locality friends to support us on our journey of faith;

Nurturing spiritual growth through our Catholic ethos;

Giving each other the opportunity for development in learning, worship and serving others;

Offering a safe and happy school where every person is valued;

Doing our best to see Jesus in one another.




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Upcoming Events...

Friday, 1st March 2024
Swimming P6 andP7
Soccer afterschool
Monday, 4th March 2024
Library Van
School Nurse P1
Tuesday, 5th March 2024
Bee Active Afterschool
School Nurse P2
P6 Link with Cranagh Group
Thursday, 7th March 2024
Gaelic afterschool
School Nurse P1
Friday, 8th March 2024
Swimming P6 andP7
Soccer afterschool
Monday, 11th March 2024
P3 and P4 Mass in Aghagallon
Tuesday, 12th March 2024
Gaelic Tournament
Credit Union Collections
Bee Active Afterschool
P6 link with Cranagh Group
Wednesday, 13th March 2024
Green Day and St Patrick's Day Celebrations